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Everyone should make a will in order to provide certainty as to what will happen to their property and assets upon death. Many people put off making a will for various reasons – for example, they may wrongly assume that everything will pass automatically to their husband or wife or they may feel it is somehow morbid or tempting fate. We understand the thoughts and concerns clients have with such difficult issues and are able to deal with them sensitively and to help reach a conclusion much more simply and in ordinary language than usually expected. Failing to make a will can sometimes have a very adverse consequence but drawing up the will also needs to be carried out by a suitably qualified and experienced professional to ensure it is completely effective in achieving the client’s aims. Soaring house prices have put many more people at risk of inheritance tax and properly drafted will can help minimise this risk.

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Wills Lingo

Below are useful keywords and terminology associated with Wills.

  • Valid Will

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    To be valid, a Will needs to comply with certain strict requirements as to the disposition of the whole of the estate of the person making it and also as to the requirements for correct signature and witnessing. There have been many expensive Court cases where the deceased attempted to save a few pounds by making a home-made Will, only for his intended beneficiaries to face significant expense in Court proceedings because the Will was not properly made and/or executed. Everyone should make a Will but it is just as important to ensure that the Will is properly made in every case.
  • Probate

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    This word derives from the need to “prove” to the satisfaction of the Registry that the Will is valid and that the person or persons named therein should be granted the authority of the Registry in the form of the “Grant of Probate” to deal with the deceased person’s estate.
  • Executor/Executrix

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    These are the people appointed by the deceased to deal with the administration of the estate and to “prove” the Will by obtaining the Grant of Probate. When a male person is appointed, he is known as an “Executor” and a female is known as an “Executrix”.
  • Administrator/Administratrix

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    If there is no valid Will then an application has to be made to the Probate Registry for a Grant of Letters of Administration - a male person applying will be doing so as the proposed Administrator and a female will apply as “Administratrix”.