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Losing a loved one is always a devastating experience and many people find it is made even worse by having to deal with the bureaucratic and long-winded formalities required in relation to the deceased person’s estate. We fully understand the complex emotions which affect clients at this difficult time. We aim to shoulder the burden of the administration of the estate in as helpful and sympathetic manner as possible whilst also aiming to help our clients achieve the closure they seek to enable them to move on their own lives.

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Probate Lingo

Below are useful keywords and terminology associated with Probate.

  • Grant of Probate

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    If the deceased left a valid Will, one or more of the executors named in the Will applies to the Probate Registry for a “Grant of Probate”, which is the official authority of the Court to administer the estate in accordance with the terms of the Will.
  • Grant of Letter of Administration

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    If a person dies without leaving a valid Will then he or she is said to have died “intestate”. One of the persons entitled to share in the estate, usually the closest relative, has to apply for a “Grant of Letters of Administration” which will be the authority of the Court for this person to administer the estate in accordance with the legal rules of intestacy.
  • Other Grants

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    Sometimes, it is necessary to apply for a less common type of Grant - for example, if none of the executors named by a deceased person in a valid Will are still alive, other persons entitled to benefit from the estate can apply for a type of Grant known as a Grant of Letters of Administration with the Will annexed.
  • Capital Taxes Office

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    This is the section of HM Revenue and Customs which deals with the taxation of deceased persons’ estates. Depending upon the size and complexity of the estate, various different forms are required to be submitted to the Capital Taxes Office as part of the paperwork formalities leading to the obtaining of a Grant of Probate or a Grant of Letters of Administration.